Dog pulled from sinkhole after 8-hour rescue in Maryland

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FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (March 31, 2014) – A deaf and blind dog spent nearly eight hours inside a sinkhole after the ground gave way in a Maryland backyard.

Susanne Geary was out in her backyard with 14-year-old dog Samantha Sunday morning when she noticed Samantha had disappeared. Geary realized the dog had fallen into a sinkhole. The Lhasa apso was still attached to her leash, but when Geary tried to pull her back to the surface, the dog’s collar slipped off.

Neighbors came out to help, but it wasn’t until emergency crews arrived that Samantha was able to safely get out.

The dog was stuck in the sinkhole for nearly eight hours before emergency crews pulled her out. Samantha was cold and caked with mud but seemed to be OK otherwise.

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