Can this 3,000-ton ark really cross the Atlantic Ocean?

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PASADENA, CA– A Christian group based out of California is hoping to bring a Biblical story to life.

Ark of Noah Foundation has built a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. The vessel is larger than a football field and can hold 5,000 people. It has five decks and is 95 feet wide, 410 feet long and 75 feet tall.

The ark is scheduled to travel 5,000 miles by barge this summer across the Atlantic Ocean from the Netherlands to Brazil. The Ark of Noah Foundation has plans to later dock the ark in multiple U.S. cities including San Diego, Long Beach, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Carpenter Johan Huibers built the vessel in The Netherlands with the purpose of it being a religious attraction and to bring the Biblical story to more areas of the world.

At this time, organizers are unsure how long the journey will take, but they hope to be in Brazil in time for the 2016 Olympics.

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