Chipotle lovers, it’s time. Time to try a new steak!

Chipotle announced Tuesday their new Garlic Guajillo Steak. It features the dynamic combination of garlic and guajillo peppers finished with fresh lime and hand-chopped cilantro.

“We’re listening to our guests’ requests for intriguing new flavors,” said Nevielle Panthaky, Vice President of Culinary. “Garlic Guajillo Steak pairs the familiar craveability of garlic with the allure of guajillo into an awesome protein with a slight kick.”

Chipotle’s new Garlic Guajillo Steak features the exciting and dynamic combination of garlic and guajillo peppers, brought to life with real ingredients and classic cooking techniques.

Chipotle rolled out the new steak on Roblox with the Chipotle Grill Simulator, an immersive Garlic Guajillo Steak experience.

The company is rewarding its community on Roblox with early access to learn and taste the steak virtually to “enhance their tasting experience in real life”.

Starting Wednesday, the steak will be available to customers. Chipotle is offering a $0 delivery fee offer on all of the new steak’s orders September 17 through September 25.