If you’ve ever wanted to complete a jigsaw puzzle that couldn’t fit in your living room, Costco has the perfect challenge.

The retailer is selling a 60,000-piece puzzle that measures out at 8′ tall and 29′ long when complete.

Titled “What a Wonderful World,” the main puzzle is made up of 60 1,000-piece smaller puzzles that can then be locked together.

“At 60,000 pieces, What a Wonderful World is the world’s largest puzzle and features the art of Dowdle,” writes Costco’s website.

The puzzle is a panoramic world map that features 187 Dowdle paintings that cover space typically filled by the world’s oceans.

What a Wonderful World retails for $599.99 and comes in three boxes. Each box contains 20 bagged puzzles. Shipping and handling is included in the $599.99 price, although it will cost more for express shipping.

Previously, a 54,000-piece puzzle sold by Grafika was touted as the World’s Largest Puzzle. Attendees at the first ever Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention took on the task of completing the 6.69′ tall x 28.35′ long puzzle over three days in July.