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WASHINGTON D.C. — A D.C. rapper’s corpse was reportedly propped up and on display at a nightclub for the performer’s “last show” on Sunday, according to TMZ.

Rap artist Markelle Morrow, known as Goonew, was reportedly shot to death in a parking lot in District Heights on March 18. TMZ reported that family members believe he was the victim of an armed robbery.

TMZ shared video and photos from the nightclub funeral, named the Final Show, where dancers and club-goers share mixed reactions as the rapper’s so-called “embalmed corpse” is propped up before the crowd of revelers, wearing a crown and standing next to fireworks.

Audience reaction appears mixed, TMZ reports, with some dancing to the music in the Bliss Nightclub while others stare stone-faced at the dead body.

TMZ said the club is still investigating if the body was real or not, along with if any legal ramifications are possible.

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Police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in Morrow’s death, according to FOX 5 News.