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(May 2, 2014) – How much do you tip?

A new survey shows Indiana falls in the middle among U.S. states when it comes to tipping for good service. The report uses information from the payment service Square.

According to the information, the national average tip is 16.5 percent. West Virginia (20.1 percent) is the most generous state while Nevada (14.6 percent) had the lowest tipping rate.

According to the data, food trucks get higher tips (17.6 percent) than the national average. Iowa food truck fans tip the most generously (25 percent) while Pennsylvania and Georgia diners add less than 15 percent when it comes to food trucks.

Coffee drinkers are among the most generous tippers, giving an average tip of 18 percent.

According to Square’s data, Hoosiers tip just above the national average, giving 18 percent to food trucks and 17 percent each to coffee shops and restaurants.

Source: Quartz