Father ticketed for speeding, failing to stop for police with wife in labor

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CALHOUN COUNTY, Iowa (Oct. 21, 2014) – A father’s explanation that he didn’t stop his speeding SUV for police because his wife was in labor wasn’t good enough.

Ben Kohnen learned that he was being ticketed for the incident, WHO TV reports. Last Tuesday, Kohnen was behind the wheel and going 30 mph over the speed limit as police pursued their SUV with emergency sirens flashing.

His wife, Rachel, told him to keep going because she didn’t think they’d make it to the hospital on time.

Police deployed stop sticks that brought the SUV to a halt. They were ordered to the ground and held at gunpoint until police realized it was truly an emergency.

Rachel eventually gave birth to baby Hazel. The couple said the baby is doing fine.

Ben ended up with two citations: a speeding ticket for going 86 mph in a 55-mph zone and another for failing to yield for an emergency vehicle.

Manson Police Chief Tom Ritts admitted he had sympathy for Ben, but added that he should’ve handled it differently.

“If he had just pulled over for about 45 seconds, my officer would have realized what was going on. He would have said, ‘OK, get back on the road. I’ll follow you,’” Ritts told WHO TV.

Source: WHO TV

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