Field Brewing in Westfield offers great craft beer, incredible burgers and unique menu

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Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the hottest food cities in America.  A destination for true foodies who are interested in everything from fine dining to food trucks.  This column will put the spotlight on one of these local hot spots to help get the word out and share in the love of all things food.

Review by Dustin Heller (find him on Instagram @eatindywatchindie)

Westfield has never really been known as a foodie destination, but there is a new restaurant/brewery in town that is out to change that perception.  Field Brewing is located at 303 E. Main St. and they’re not only elevating the food scene in Westfield, they’re breaking the mold in how we think about a brewery/eatery.

Owners Gregory and Jackie Dikos opened Field in early October of this year, where it was born out of his love for brewing and her love of nutrition and healthy eating.  They set out to create a fun, family-friendly environment where you could get a great craft beer and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal.

Photo by @davepluimer

The place itself has so much to offer.  The main dining area is big and bright, with a small bar off to the side and an open kitchen where you can see the chefs in their element.  The décor is modern and hip but also very inviting.  There is a fresh greens garden out front and the oversized patio area comes complete with a bocce ball court. The facility serves as a place to eat and drink and is also a place for families and the community to come together.

Photo by @davepluimer

When it comes to the food, the man in charge is two-time James Beard Awards rising-star chef semifinalist Alan Sternberg.  Chef Sternberg came to Field after Cerulean closed its doors for good in late 2017 and has gone from inventive fine dining to creative everyday dining.  Everything on the menu is made in-house, using only the freshest of ingredients.  From sandwiches and salads to pastas and steak, the Field menu offers something for everyone–they even have a kids menu for the little foodies out there.  I can’t tell you how excited I am that Chef Sternberg has found a home in Westfield where he’s serving up the culinary masterpieces we’ve come to expect from him, but I can tell you my four “can’t miss” items from current menu (see what I did there?).

Photo by @davepluimer

Field Burger: There is a lot of competition in the field (pun intended) for burgers these days; you have the ever-popular fast-food burger joints as well as a number of specialty burger places popping up all over the place.  I say this to point out the fact that it’s getting harder and harder to make a burger “special.”  I’m here to tell you that the Field burger is special and I think I can sum it up as to why in just one word: fresh! Nothing about this burger tastes processed and the flavors are undeniable at first bite. The natural beef patty is topped with white cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle and field sauce, all packed between a soft brioche bun.  I guess you could say that the taste and quality of the Field burger is lapping the field (oops, I did it again).

Photo by @davepluimer

Crispy Lamb Ribs: My regular readers have probably figured out by now that I’m a bit of a lamb junkie.  If lamb is on the menu, I’m ordering it. If it’s good, I’m going to write about it.  Case in point, the crispy lamb ribs under the finger food section of the Field menu.  The ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender and have a nice rich lamb flavor, but it’s the pickled peppers, chimichurri, and cucumber yogurt that take this dish to the next level.  In case you were worried, the heat from the peppers is offset by the creaminess of the yogurt. Note to the folks at Field Brewing: please put a full rack of these ribs on the menu before my next visit.

Photo by @davepluimer

Ricotta Gnocchi: Gnocchi is a classic Italian pasta that can be made from a number of different ingredients, the most popular probably being the potato.  Field makes their gnocchi dumplings with ricotta cheese, making them very light and soft.  Since this is a pasta dish, they have to serve it with a sauce, right?  The dish is vegetarian, so it is served with butternut squash, mushrooms, pumpkin seed and saba.  Saba looks and tastes a lot like balsamic vinegar, but it hasn’t been through the aging process of traditional balsamic. Not only is this a great tasting dish, it is very fun to eat.

Photo by @davepluimer

Sweet Potato Wedges: Choosing a side dish is never an easy task when faced with a number of great options.  There’s mac & cheese, grilled broccolini, my personal go-to Brussels sprouts, but the one that knocked it out of the park at Field were the sweet potato wedges.  There is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to this dish; they are in fact sweet potatoes, but I wouldn’t necessarily classify them as sweet.  These so-called sweet potatoes are covered in a killer house hot sauce and a tangy lime yogurt, creating a perfectly balanced flavor profile.  Maybe they should call them “Heat, Sweet and Sour Potato Wedges”–now that I see that written out, they should probably just stick with what they’ve got.

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