As Americans continue to feel pain at the pump. the White House is exploring options for relief.

According to the Washington Post, senior aides are taking a second look at some previously rejected ideas, including sending gas cards to Americans.

The administration reportedly explored the idea in March, although a spokesperson told Axios at the time that the idea was “not seriously under consideration.”

The biggest roadblock to the gas card plan, according to new reporting from the Washington Post, was the ongoing chip shortage that would make it difficult to produce enough gas cards.

The administration was also concerned people would spend the money on things other than gas. In addition, officials expressed concerns that the cards would be stolen from mailboxes or otherwise end up in the wrong hands.

But even if the administration planned to pursue the idea, it may not be feasible. Congressional approval would likely be needed and many lawmakers would balk at additional spending.

Crude oil prices dropped Friday, which could bring some temporary relief. Still, concerns about inflation remain high.

In Indiana, Democrats have called for the suspension of the state gas tax, a proposal that’s gotten little traction at the Republican-dominated Statehouse.

Gov. Eric Holcomb has been reluctant to support the idea. Instead, he has proposed giving Hoosier taxpayers $225 to offset high gas prices and inflation. The governor said he planned to call a special session by the end of June where lawmakers could debate and approve the plan.

The governor said he provided the framework for the proposal to legislative leaders, who’ve voiced support for legislative action to provide relief to Indiana residents. The money would come from higher-than-expected revenue performance during the fiscal year.