Google is making it easier for you to limit your personal information from appearing in online search results.

The company announced people can now request to have their phone number, email address and physical address removed from Google search results.

The updated policy also allows for the removal of “additional information that may pose a risk for identity theft, such as confidential log-in credentials, when it appears in Search results”, Google said in a blog post.

The tech giant previously allowed people to request the removal of sensitive information revealed in cases of doxing, bank or credit card numbers that could be used in financial fraud, and highly personal content that could cause direct harm to someone if made public.

Google said when processing removal requests, it will evaluate all content on the web page to make sure it does not limit access to things like news articles.

If your personal information shows up as public record on a government site or another official source, that will NOT be removed from search results.

Google reminds users that even if your information is removed from its search results, it could still be found via another search engine — also removing something from Google’s search results does not mean it’s removed from the internet.