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INDIANAPOLIS — Updating a story you’ve read only on A helpful Hoosier spent his time and effort to protect a woman who was burglarized over the weekend, and had a very precious medal stolen. Linda Duncan has a new frame around her front door, installed for free, after someone kicked it in, and stole her late husband’s Purple Heart.

If you ask Barry Campbell why he felt compelled to help, this is what he’ll tell you.

“It had to do with the Purple Heart. My father was a World War II vet. Didn’t have a Purple Heart, but I’ve got some items, memorabilia from that time, and I know what it would mean to me to lose something like that,” said Campbell.

Unfortunately, Linda Duncan knows. The Purple Heart, given to her late husband Cleon Duncan just before the conclusion of the war, was stolen on Sunday. While she was at church with her daughter, someone busted open the front door, and left with the precious medal. Linda Duncan spoke only to Fox 59 news just after it happened.

“It hurts. I’m glad that he (Mr. Duncan) is not here. That would have killed him probably, anyway,” said Duncan.

But, helpful Hoosiers like Barry Campbell came to the rescue.

“You know, when I originally saw your report and saw what happened, what I wanted to do was add a new deadbolt, get some frame reinforcements on the door. You know, prevent any future break-in like that,” said Campbell.

He spent part of his Wednesday doing just that. Friends, and contacts from Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas provided some of the material, all free of charge. While Mrs. Duncan still doesn’t have her late husband’s Purple Heart, they do have some more protection, thanks to Campbell’s generosity.

“If we can prevent something like that from happening again, I’m happy,” said Campbell.

Representative Andre Carson’s office has followed our story from the beginning, and issued a statement which says, “I will do anything within my power to replace the Purple Heart stolen from the Duncan family. My office has reached out to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis in order to begin the process to replace Mr. Duncan’s Purple Heart. We have requested expedited attention on this matter from the records center.”

Duncan and her daughter are both extremely appreciative and thankful for the support and help they’ve gotten.