INDIANAPOLIS — It’s a word game you may not want to play on an empty stomach.

Phoodle is a new take on Wordle, the daily challenge where players have six guesses to guess a five-letter word.

This time around, each word featured on Phoodle is food-related. So far, winning words include “apple” and “bread.”

When you guess the word correctly, you get a bonus “treat”: a food fun fact relating to the winning word, as well as a surprise weekly recipe.

It was created by Julie Loria, a cookbook author, writes Food & Wine.

Loria released a statement to the publication, saying, “I’ve been captivated by puzzles since a young age and my passion grew from simple word-search puzzles to more complex crossword puzzles. As the author of two cookbooks, I knew early on that a culinary puzzle was exactly what I wanted to create…Creating Phoodle was the ultimate puzzle challenge, and I’ve loved every minute of it.” 

You can take a stab at Phoodle yourself here.