Iowa police officer checks little boy’s new bedroom to assure him there are no ‘bad guys’

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa — A 6-year-old Iowa boy doesn’t have to worry about “bad guys” in his room, thanks to the efforts of a police officer.

Now the story is going viral.

Amanda Williams wrote on Facebook that her son, Hayden, was having trouble sleeping in his room after the family recently moved. He’s used to sharing a room with his older sister, and nothing seems to put him at ease.

Williams wrote on Facebook that she “tried everything under the sun” to help him.

“He says he has something wrong with his head and that he can’t stop the scary thoughts that are creeping into it. He believes in superheroes. He believes in “bad guys” and all other things that appear real to him,” she wrote.

When nothing seemed to ease Hayden’s mind, his mother took him to the local police station. She thought talking to some officers might help him.

But one officer went above and beyond.

Officer Bruce Schwartz inspected Hayden’s bedroom to show him there were no bad guys. He also told Hayden that he should think happy thoughts when he goes to bed at night.

It definitely helped.

While Hayden “didn’t go down without a fight,” he did sleep in his own room for the first time that night!

Officer Schwartz wasn’t done, however.

Williams said he showed up the next day to surprise Hayden on his first day of school! She was snapping pictures when Hayden’s face “lit up” because he saw the officer.

“I’m just at a loss of words honestly. Officer Schwartz, if you’re reading this, thank you from the bottom of my mama heart,” Williams wrote. “The kindness you’ve shown Hayden certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and I know he will remember this forever.”

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