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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — A Michigan man recently returned a library book to his elementary school — 40 years past its due date.

Utica Community Schools says the man, Pier Fazzalari, was reading one of his favorite childhood books to his daughters when he noticed a stamp that read “Dresden Elementary.”

“I was like ‘why would it say that?’ And then I realized it was probably from when I was in second grade and I never returned it. I thought I should probably bring it up to the school,” said Fazzalari.

The book, which was an anthology series called “Cloverleaf”, spent the last 40 years in Fazzalari’s parents’ basement.

He says he borrowed the book in second grade from Dresden Elementary — the same school his daughters, kindergartener Adrianna and second grader Alexandria, now attend.

Dresden principal Bradley Suggs says instead of a monetary fine, the school came up with a better “punishment.”

“We then decided that a book fine that overdue could only be repaid by him buying cookies for the staff, and we sent him an overdue notice stating so.”

Suggs continued, “I thought it was very respectful that after so many years, he still thought of returning the book. As an educator, I was thrilled that he takes the time out of his busy day to read to his children.”

Besides being the elementary school for both dad and daughters, Dresden also holds another meaning for the Fazzalari family.

Fazzalari’s wife Raeda is a lunchroom aide there.