Just a few days ago, M&M’s announced that Purple would be its newest spokescandy.

We now know she’ll make her first on-package appearance with a new flavor.

Caramel Cold Brew will hit store shelves in February 2023, according to Mars, Incorporated. It combines a “smooth, robust” coffee flavor with caramel, all covered in milk chocolate and wrapped in M&M’s signature candy shell.

This will be a permanent addition to the candy’s flavor lineup, the company said. You’ll find Caramel Cold Brew available in single size, share size and sharing size stand up pouches, with prices ranging between $1.19 and $4.99.

For the first time, new spokescandy Purple will be featured on M&M’s packaging. The company announced in September that she would join Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Blue and Green in its colorful candy lineup.

Purple is intended to “represent acceptance and inclusivity.” She’ll be featured prominently on Caramel Cold Brew packages.

The cold brew-inspired flavor isn’t the only coffee-centric M&M’s variation on the way. A limited-edition Espresso flavor will hit shelves just in time for the holiday season.