Mom hands son $700 bill after he brags about his income on Facebook

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(September 18, 2015) – A woman is making a statement to her son in a big way, and now it’s going viral.

Heidi Johnson was not happy when her 13-year-old son named Aaron bragged about his “income” on Facebook.

So she fired back with a Facebook post of her own – a $700 bill.

The mother says that since he needs a lesson in independence, it’s time for him to pay for his share of the costs, including $430 for rent, $116 for electricity, $21 for internet, and $150 for food.

Johnson received a lot of mixed reviews on her post, so she wrote a follow-up letter.

“I wrote him a ‘bill’ to make a point. Nothing comes free. Someone is making a sacrifice somewhere down the line. When I realized he had lied to me about homework, I put time constrictions to his internet access. He, then, informed me I couldn’t control him. He was a free person. How dare I think I had any right to tell him what he could or could not do. He then decided to barge out of my room stating, ‘Well, I am making money now.’”

Johnson goes on to clarify that her son makes some money off of the YouTube videos he creates.

“This came down to a 13 year old telling his mother she had no right to enforce certain rules, and had no place to “control” him. I made the point to show what life would look like if I was not his “parent”, but rather a “roommate”. It was a lesson about gratitude and respect from the very beginning. Sometimes, you have to lose it all to realize how well you really had it,” said Johnson.

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