Fans of Pepsi Zero Sugar will soon notice a different taste.

Pepsi announced that a reformulated version of its no-calorie cola is hitting store shelves. The beverage maker said the new formula “outpaces the old formula across the board” in tests among consumers.

The revamped Pepsi Zero sugar utilizes a “new sweetener system,” the company said, giving it a “bolder” taste profile than previous varieties.

Customers will find a “new improved taste” icon on the new version to identify it.

This is the second big shakeup in the soda market announced by Pepsi this week; the company also revealed a new Sprite rival called “Starry.”

Pepsi Zero Sugar initially launched as Diet Pepsi Max in 2007. Two years later, Pepsi dropped “diet” from the name. The company rebranded it as Pepsi Zero Sugar in 2015 in North American markets.

The Pepsi Zero Sugar flavor reboot will come complete with a national ad campaign set to debut during the NFL Playoffs; Pepsi will also have a new Super Bowl ad campaign—its first in three years.

Customers can get a free Pepsi Zero Sugar by texting “FREE PEPSI” to 81234 during the NFL Playoffs and “FREE ZERO” to 81234 during the Super Bowl. Pepsi plans to give away 10 million 12 oz. cans and 20 oz. bottles of the reformulated drink.

According to the official terms of the deal, participants can get up to a $2.50 rebate when buying Pepsi Zero Sugar in stores or online between Jan. 12 and Feb. 2. The company will then reimburse customers via PayPal or Venmo.