Police continue investigation of several ‘people of interest’ a month into Delphi murder investigation

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DELPHI, Ind. -- Monday marks one month since two young girls were murdered in a wooded area in Carroll County as dozens of state, local and federal investigators slog through a mountain of tips that figuratively stretches from central Indiana to FBI offices in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter told FOX59 News that he thinks the clue to solve the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German is not yet among the more than 13,000 tips that an FBI database sifts through around the clock in order to give Delphi investigators a solid lead in the hunt for their suspect.

“To say we’ve identified a single individual would not be accurate, but we have identified several people of interest,” said Carter, who admitted investigators need to seal off several blind alleys before narrowing their focus in the search for the man in the images and audio Libby captured on her cell phone minutes before she was led to her death.

“Down the hill,” said the man to the best friends hiking along the High Monon Bridge Trail on a day off from school Feb. 13.

Libby gave investigators their best clue: a photograph of a white male in a blue winter jacket and jeans.

“It's not often that we have a picture of the suspect, or the sound of his voice,” said Carter. “That’s a first in my career.”

Saturday night a local man known to investigators was arrested on a probation violation, and there have been several arrests of suspects on drug-related charges during the investigation.

“There’s been multiple arrests based on this investigation of people who have had nothing to do with it,” said Carter, “and I’m sure that will continue.”

Investigators have served approximately 70 search warrants and subpoenas, some as far away as Peru in Miami County, and checked on the probation status of dozens of sex offenders, many of whom were cleared as suspects in the murders based on interviews, alibis or polygraph examinations.

Throughout the day Sunday detectives continued to come and go from the former REMC building on the courthouse square in downtown Delphi which serves as the investigation command center, clutching documents in their pursuit of evidence.

Nearby, on a blocked off side street, sit satellite dishes, presumably to give FBI agents immediate contact with investigators at the agency’s east coast analytical sites where DNA evidence is likely being processed and a killer’s profile may be developed to give detectives a clue to the mindset, behavioral and personality traits of the man they are seeking.

“I think time will tell,” said Carter as he contemplated the day the profile and the suspect may be matched. “I think we have some notions and we will keep them to ourselves.”

That includes information of how the girls died and the conditions of their bodies, clues presumably only the killer would know.

Carter expressed frustration that photographs, an audio recording and reward money in excess of $200,000 haven’t brought forth the tip investigators need to make an arrest.

The Delphi Homicide Tipline is (844) 459-5786.

Investigators said it may be likely that the killer is local due to his familiarity with the remote location of the murders, though the possibility of an out-of-state suspect, or a man who frequently travels through Carroll County, cannot be discounted.

Monday a Trail Safety Task Force will be unveiled to secure more than ten miles of trails in Delphi similar to the area and terrain where the girls were killed.

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