Purple Heart stolen during east side home burglary

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An Indianapolis woman is in a lot of emotional pain. Someone broke in to her home while she was at church, and stole her late husband’s purple heart.

Linda Duncan says late husband was given the purple heart in 1944, just before the end of World War II. But, while they were gone, the burglars broke through a locked front door, and left with the medal and other items.

“It hurts. I’m glad that he’s not here. That would have killed him probably, anyway,” said Duncan.

Mrs. Duncan now has a huge void in her life.

“It happened within two hours, because church…we left here at 9:00am and the service started at 10,” said Duncan.

Her daughter Susie noticed the broken door frame when they got home.

“She had tears in her eyes, she says ‘Mom, we’ve just been robbed.’ I said ‘Don’t joke with me like that,’ she says ‘I’m not.’”

Their television, a game console and other electronics that were stolen can be replaced. The loss of her father’s decades old .22 gun and the Purple Heart has devastated Susie.

“Just return the Purple Heart. They can keep the gun, they can keep the TV and everything. But, if they just would return the Purple Heart,” said Susie.

And left Mrs. Duncan asking how…

“They can sink so low, you know, to take something like that,” said Duncan.

Mrs. Duncan is saying a prayer for whoever broke in to their home. She says they need it more than anyone. IMPD did take a report of the crime and are investigating.

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