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(NewsNation) — An out of this world travel experience might be closer than you think.

On Tuesday, Orbital Assembly Corporation announced plans to launch two space station experiences that will allow anyone to take a trip to space.

The “Pioneer Station” will accommodate 28 guests and is set to be ready by 2025. Shortly after, the “Voyager Station” will accommodate up to 400 guests; it’s set to open in 2027.

“For the average person, being in space will be a sci-fi dream experience,” Tim Alatorre, chief operating officer for Orbital Assembly Corp., said in a news release.

“Our vision is to make space a destination people will yearn to visit, with familiar elements provided by the presence of gravity,” Alatorre added.

OAC is the first and only company developing a space-based environment that “will enable humanity to work, play and thrive in the space ecosystem,” according to the news release.

Photo courtesy: Orbital Assembly Corporation

“Once people get to space, it will change their perspective about Earth. Space travel is still in its infancy, and we’re excited to do our part to push it forward to help improve life on Earth,” Alatorre said.

The “Pioneer Station” will feature five spacious modules built around OAC’s rotating “Gravity Ring” architecture.

“We’ve been able to develop a safe, secure, and reliable modular station that will generate revenue and profitability from both the tourist and commercial sectors sooner than our competitors who are adhering to NASA timetables,” Rhonda Stevenson, CEO of Orbital Assembly, said in a news release.

She added, “Multiple revenue streams from commercial, research and tourism markets will enable us to subsidize the travel market for a one- to two-week stay. While launch costs continue to be a barrier, we expect tourists will be motivated to plan shorter, or more frequent, stays as space travel becomes less expensive.”

Photo courtesy: Orbital Assembly Corporation

“Pioneer’s gravity experience will enable visitors to move around in weightless environments while eating or drinking out of a cup normally and sleeping without having to be attached to a bed. This is not possible in current space stations,” Alatorre added.