Are you a lover of beer and picturesque hiking? Then, boy oh boy, does Busch Light have something for you!

To celebrate the release of their new outdoors-themed camo packaging, Busch Light has commissioned one of America’s foremost trail experts to create a secret list of the most beautiful hiking trails across the U.S.

Courtesy of Busch Light

They’re calling it, the “Busch Guyd”, and it’s only accessible to fans who signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA is an attempt to help curb overcrowded outdoor destinations and give hikers a chance to experience these trails in a new way – a way that possibly leads to less tourists.

From October 5 to November 1, the trail list will be accessible to the first 200 people per week who swear to secrecy and sign the NDA here. After that, those people get treated to free beer!