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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 1, 2016) – A drummer fell through a window at a Nashville bar Friday night, and a Fishers resident’s video of the incident is going viral.

Ty Anderson and his wife were at Robert’s Western World in Nashville as the Don Kelley Band finished performing “Ghost Riders in the Sky” for the audience. Anderson recorded the concert and posted some of it on YouTube.

At the conclusion of the song, drummer Stan Saxon stood up, lost his balance and fell through the window.

“My ear monitor pulled me back, felt like somebody grabbed me by the shirt and yanked me to the ground. It was like the window wasn’t even there. The next thing I knew I was looking up at shards of glass going, ‘How did I get out here?” Saxon told WKRN.

Saxon said he was standing up to thank the crowd when he fell through the window leading to a sidewalk, according to WKRN. Patrick Harrigan, who was visiting Nashville from Chicago, recalled standing on the sidewalk when glass rained down on him.

“I was standing here with another couple waiting to get in and give my ID to the bouncer and all of a sudden ‘crash,’ and the drummer fell out right on top of us and [there was] broken glass everywhere,” Harrigan told WKRN.

“What was amazing was how nonchalant everyone was. The drummer just picked up his drum, put it back in the window, walked back in and we shook the glass off and the girl next to me was bleeding and had some cuts. The bartender gave her a Band-Aid and the band played on. It was fantastic.”

Saxon finished his set inside the honky tonk and went across the street to play for another four hours.

“I was thinking the show must go on, I’ve got a job to do,” Saxon said.

Saxon later learned he broke a rib during the fall. Regardless, he was back on stage Saturday night to perform again.