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OWENSBORO, Ky. – No more soggy bills.

That’s the new policy at a Kentucky tobacco store now that the weather is warming up. It seems tobacco isn’t the only thing employees at Tobacco Road in Owensboro have been smelling. Customers have been handing over soggy, sweaty bills that they kept in their socks and bras.

Well, no more.

Managers instituted a new policy and will no longer accept nasty, sweaty money. There’s even a sign on the door reading, “Due to rising temperatures, we will not be accepting boob or sock money.”

“Some of them like to bring me some soggy money. They dig deep into their not ‘so-called pockets’ to bring me some nasty money that we don’t want to accept anymore,” manager Cindy Collins told WFIE.

Collins said business has been up since the policy went into place. As for the customers, most of them are getting a kick out of the sign.