Verizon is raising its starting wage to $20 per hour.

The change applies to both new and existing customer service employees. All retail employees will get the same raise (when combining base salary and target commissions).

The company is also adding premium pay differentials for assistant managers who work on holidays, Sundays and for those who are bilingual, Verizon announced Monday.

In the Indianapolis area, Verizon is offering signing bonuses of $2,500 for new retail specialists and $3,500 for assistant managers at some stores.

Krista Bourne, chief operating officer for Verizon Consumer Group, said the changes are intended to attract and retain top talent. The labor market has become extremely competitive.

Bourne also said the $20 starting wage came in response to employee feedback.

Verizon is looking for employees workers who are:

  • early adopters of new technology
  • excited about 5G and its potential
  • gamers and know why low lag takes you to the next level
  • interested in sharing their tech knowledge with others
  • team-players who enjoy sharing goals and celebrating successes
  • focused on taking care of each and every customer
  • committed to driving meaningful change—in their careers, in their community and in the world at large
  • motivated by the opportunity to continuously grow, learn and realize new ambitions
  • looking to be part of the network of people who move the world forward

You can learn more about Verizon’s jobs here.