There’s nothing like the perfect bite of nachos – getting the ideal amount of meat, cheese, veggies and sour cream on one chip.

Mashed is offering a salute to what it’s singled out as the “absolute best” nachos in each state.

While the consensus for the base in a hearty plate of nachos is tortilla chips (except at Alabama’s El Barrio where they use plantain chips), the toppings vary wildly from the classic ground beef to the more adventurous catfish, roast beef, and pomegranate seeds.

At Idaho’s Mexican Crazy Corn, the nachos come stacked with roasted fresh grown corn and signature queso.

The nachos at Painted Burro in Massachusetts are adorned with colorful slaw and a chipotle-flavored mayo

Some nacho dishes borrow heavily from other cuisines like the signature plate from Expatriate in Oregon. The Thai-style ‘chos are piled high with crisp wontons, lemongrass-infused strips of beef, fresh herbs, and salsa,” writes Mashed.

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