What’s the most-searched conspiracy theory in your state?

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CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Recently, DIRECTV provider, USDIRECT, compiled a study of state-by-state conspiracy theory popularity using the r/conspiracy subreddit and Google Trends.

Courtesy: USDIRECT

From “Lizard People” to “chemtrails,” nine different conspiracy theories are scattered across the country.

The most commonly searched for conspiracy for Hoosiers was “New World Order.”

The most popular conspiracy theory and also the complicated, the “New World Order” theory involves a militaristic, totalitarian government that is lurking in the shadows, waiting to take control of the world. If you’ve ever heard someone talking about the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the United Nations in the same sentence, they’re probably talking about the “New World Order.”

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For West Virginians, the most commonly searched for conspiracy was “chemtrails.” The thin, cloudlike streams that airplanes leave behind in the sky are called “contrails.” The word is a conjunction of the words “condensation” and “trail.” They are merely streams of condensed water, but some conspiracy theorists believe that they contain various substances pumped into the sky by the government.

Some believe that the government uses “chemtrails” for weather control, biological and chemical warfare testing, psychological manipulation, sterilization and population control, spikes in respiratory illnesses, or life expectancy reduction.

Courtesy: USDIRECT

In Ohio, the most popular conspiracy theory is that the moon landing was fake. That’s right, they think that giant leap for mankind was all a big hoax constructed safely on some movie set somewhere on Earth.

The full list of states can be found on USDIRECT’s website.

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