Woman publicly shames Florida Governor Scott for anti-abortion bill, Medicaid cut

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GAINESVILLE, FL (April 6, 2016) – Video of a heated confrontation between Florida Governor Rick Scott and a Starbucks customer is getting a lot of attention.

Gainesville resident Stephen Bender says he was working at Starbucks yesterday when Scott walked into the store. A customer started yelling at Scott, and Bender recorded the confrontation.

In the video, a woman yells at Scott for cutting Medicaid. “You cut Medicaid, so I couldn’t get Obama Care. You’re an a**hole. You don’t care about working people,” the woman says. A spokeswoman for Scott approaches her, but the woman says “I’m not talking to you.” She goes on to say, “You should be ashamed to show your face around here.”

Scott replies to the woman and says he’s created a million jobs. “A million jobs? Great. Who here has a great job?” says the woman.

Eventually, the governor leaves the Starbucks without his coffee.

Bender writes in the YouTube comments that the woman started the confrontation over a bill he signed into law last week, HB 1411. The new law cuts state funding for preventive services at clinics that provide abortions and imposes abortion restrictions.

Indiana Governor Pence is also receiving a lot of attention for an anti-abortion bill he signed into law last week. HEA 1337 prevents women from aborting a fetus due to Down syndrome or other genetic abnormalities. The measure also prohibits abortions sought on the basis of gender or race. The bill sparked an online campaign called Periods for Pence that urges women to call the governor’s office and discuss their menstrual cycles.

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