Near east side neighbors pushing back against wrong-way drivers on one-way streets


INDIANAPOLIS — Homeowners in a near east side neighborhood are concerned about an alarming number of drivers heading the wrong-way down one-way streets. In fact, our cameras caught people doing it in the act.

“A one-way street is a one-way street, just follow the law,” says Christopher Arseneault who has lived near North Oriental street for the past 10 years.

Arsenault has seen numerous cars head northbound on southbound Oriental Street between New York Street and Washington Street. While we were there, one driver had to back up a full block after taking a turn down Oriental going the wrong way. Neighbors say some of the warning signs are obstructed by brush and others signs.

“With the cars coming right through, and not stopping, they could hit some of the children,” adds Arsenault.

Neighbors have turned to City County Councilor Zach Adamson for help.

In a phone interview, he tells us that wrong-way driving issues like this are widespread in that area. He adds that a lack of enforcement can lead careless drivers.

Neighbors are hoping to see additional signage on the street. Indy’s Department of Public Works (DPW) says homeowners can contact the Mayor’s Action Line if they believe any signs are being blocked from view or if they believe more signage is necessary.

“Depends on what it was like at the moment of install, but if people are having a hard time seeing the sign we can review the intersection,” says Ben Easley, Chief Communications Officer with DPW, “Studies suggest that if there are more signs, especially if they are repetitive with the same kind of messages, they might contribute to visual clutter.”

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