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At seven o’clock Sunday morning, IMPD officers said they tried to pull over Dillon Ray Grant at East 10th and Lasalle Streets, but he took off and fired a gun at the officers before they could catch him.

Later that night, about a mile away, a man was shot near the intersection of East 10th and Rural Streets in the heart of IMPD’s Beat ED23, one of the busiest patrol zones in the whole department.

The bullets that missed Tajh Suggs ended up in the window frame and smashing the front glass of the Marion County Prosecutors Mediation Center at 2811 East 10th Street three weeks before the office is scheduled to open to educate near eastside residents on how to settle their differences with talk instead of gunfire.

Tuesday night, the Near Eastside Community Organizations, neighbors and other community partners released a draft update to its 2007 Quality of Life Report that led the way to Super Bowl Legacy Project, the enhanced presence of the John H. Boner Center and more opportunities to spur development and affordable housing in the community.

“That’s kind of what’s going to guide us for the next dozen years,” said NESCO’S Chris Staab as he stood in a driving rain outside the Mediation Center, waiting for a repair crew to fix the bullet shattered window. “We’ve got to get it right.”

The 2007 Quality of Life Report highlighted several educational and family needs along with public safety priorities.

“In some of the surveys that have been sent around, it always comes out to be the number one priority is public safety,” said Staab. “We’ve seen new businesses opening up along 10th Street. We’re seeing new opportunities for employment. All of those will go against the root causes of crime that we have seen in the community.”

Sustainability has been added to the 2020 update.

For Sale signs dot the front yard of one of a handful of rehabilitated houses along Rural Street south of East 10th.

Down the block from the anticipated Mediation Center, the Eighteenth Street Brewery just opened, and across the street, a food co-op fills the space recently abandoned by a small grocery market.

The East 10th Street corridor has been a central location for fatal hit & run accidents, murders and other shootings in the last year.

“We worked with the Department of Metropolitan Development to redo this corridor to try to bring it back to a more sustainable and safer intersection,” said Staab, “and then bring in some better lighting, better crosswalks, make this more of a walkable bicycle-friendly community.”

The NESCO Quality of Life update is being held at the Englewood Christian Church at 57 North Rural Street from five until seven p.m.