Need a procedure? New site lets Hoosiers compare hospital prices, quality ratings side-by-side

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By Lindy Thackston

INDIANAPOLIS (January 21, 2015) – When trying to navigate the oftentimes confusing world of healthcare and hospital billing, you have a new tool to use right at your fingertips.

This new website,, lets you compare hospital pricing and quality reviews side-by-side.

“So what we’ve done is taken all the publicly available data in separate places and put it together under one umbrella ,” said Brian Tabor, Vice-President of the Indiana Hospital Association.

It’s information that would’ve taken you hours of scouring dozens of sites to find.

The site took more than a year to put together and is now ready for use.

You can currently search the 100 most common in-patient services in Indiana and the site will be continually updated.

“It’s something that we see evolving, growing over time, and hopefully becoming even more valuable to patients,” said Tabor.

The site is easy to use. Search by zip code, procedure or hospital. You can also browse through categories.

Then choose the hospitals you want to compare.

You’ll see prices and quality rankings, including patient outcomes.

You might wonder how you can get a price estimate, given so many individual factors like health insurance.

“Those with insurance, ultimately the price that individual is going to pay will depend on what that insurer has negotiated with that hospital,” said Tabor. “So we feel that this is a great starting place. It’s not the entire story but we really feel it’s a huge leap forward to getting consumers the information they need.”

“We hear the need when we talk to policymakers, when our hospital employees talk to patients, there’s a need,” he said. “Healthcare can be confusing and technology now allows us to make really useful tools for people, make them easy to use, and we can put it out there as a free resource for Hoosiers.”

“We’ve had very positive response from people saying thank you, thank you for putting this information out there. Even those who have looked for it before have had to go to multiple places to put it all together, so hopefully this will be a one-shop stop. It will maybe not be the end of the road, but at least that information-gathering stage, we think we’ve made it pretty easy for people.”

“We’ve got some really easy to use, easy to understand videos on there for people so that they can not only see how to use the tool, but understand why healthcare costs what it does, what are all the factors that go into decision-making about pricing and what do consumers really need to know,” said Tabor.

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