Need holiday cash? Faith groups and IMPD will buy back your guns this weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Are you a gun owner in need some extra cash this holiday season? Faith groups are calling for an “Indy Cease Fire” this weekend. They will be buying back guns in exchange for cash cards.

“It’s just one of the things we do to help reduce the number of guns on the street,” said Reverend David Greene Sr. with Purpose of Life Ministries.

It’s happening Saturday at Messiah Baptist Church on East 38th Street. Ministers and clergy are working together with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indy Public Safety Foundation to get coordinate and pay for the buyback. As of December 1, there were 159 homicides this year in Indianapolis. These organizations hope some Christmas cash will keep these weapons from showing up in future crimes.

“A lot of gun-related violence is spur of the moment it’s because someone has access to it,” said Reverend Greene Sr., “Also a part of our day gun locks are available. A lot of people don’t practice gun safety in their home. If you do have a license, but you don’t have a gun lock, you need to have a gun lock. It’s not like a video game, this is permanently altering lives. We aren’t going to pick up five minutes from now, and we get to hit reset, and things start over.”

The buyback will go from noon to 5 pm. More money will be given for higher caliber guns or rifles.

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