Neighbors ready to start community conversation to help curb violent crime

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INDIANAPOLIS – Public safety leaders in Indianapolis say they can’t fight crime in the city alone. So last night leaders held the first ever community conversation.

Nearly 24 hours after that meeting we wanted to know if people were actually ready to engage in some face to face conversations with police.

“Yes ma’am I am. I’m a two-time felon so I’m willing to give back. I’ve been there, done that,” said east side resident Chris Jenkins.

City leaders say its time for neighbors to own their communities and speak up when they see signs that could lead to crime.

“If there’s five people in your neighborhood that want to meet we’ll be there to talk about the issues. Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood lets work together to solve those issues,” said Public Safety Director, Troy Riggs.

A main concern for many parents is the lack of jobs and activities for the youth as we approach summer vacation.  The police department has partnered with several community groups that have summer jobs for teens. However, for the first time ever they’re asking for the communities help funding those programs.

“This particular job initiative allows us to hire youth on Fridays and for about 4 hours the do employment as well as mentoring. the youth make $25 per Friday,” said Pastor James Jackson of the Clean for Green program.

IMPD district commanders have at least 8 more community conversations planned in the future in different parts of the city.

If you would like to donate to help create summer job programs for Indianapolis youth, contact the Department of Public Safety by sending an email to

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