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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Like a 21 and over “Field of Dreams,” Garfield Brewery in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Indianapolis is living proof that if you brew it, they will come.

“It’s really fun to see our friends and neighbors come in here and have a good time,” said Gary Kinnett, a co-owner and brewer at Garfield Brewery.

Kinnett lives in the neighborhood and opened up the brewery with two friends as a way to bring their neighbors together.

“You’ll have people who are not much older than 21 sitting there with people who are retired, and they’re all laughing and having a good time,” Kinnett said.

However, they wanted to do something different to make their neighbors feel even more connected. Kinnett decided to brew a beer using ingredients grown in neighborhood gardens.

“It was just like ‘Man, that would be fun,'” Kinnett said. “One more thing to involve the community and make a beer that everyone can kind of feel apart of.”

So in the spring, the brewery passed out hops plants for their neighbors to grow at home, turning their gardens into mini hop farms.

“Flowers, vegetables, annals,” Kay Martin-Pence said of her gardening. “I’ve never grown hops before!”

Now, after an entire summer, the full-grown hops are ready to be picked, sorted and brewed into a new beer.

“We’ve got kind of a variety, so we really don’t know how this beer is going to turn out,” Kinnett said. “I’m sure it will be good!”

In the end, it’s not just about the beer. It’s about neighbors getting together to share a drink and the ingredients inside it.

The “Community Harvest Ale” will take about three weeks to brew and will then be on tap at Garfield Brewery until it runs out.