New City-County Councilors usher in millennial wave

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The start of 2020 means Indy’s City-County Council is swearing in new members. The ceremony happened Wednesday morning, and with that, it officially means the council will be decidedly younger.

Of all the members who were sworn in, eight of them are under the age of 38. In fact, this youth movement now means one third of the council are millennials.

“Which means as a city we recognize that young leaders have a powerful voice,” said councilor Blake Johnson.

Veteran council members say this change will bring new life to the group, while the younger council members say it’s their opportunity to change the course of Indy for the next 40 years, not just the next four.

“This young, exciting group of councilors joining us will help us move the needle, help us think outside the box,” said council majority leader Maggie Lewis.

“We are the next step of leadership. We are the next generation coming up,” said council minority leader Brian Mowery.

When Mowery and Johnson first joined the council, they were the youngest members at the time. Now they are helping to lead this new charge.

“It’s so fulfilling to see so many young people getting involved,” Mowery said.

This influx begs the question, what do millennials think? What do they care about?

“I don’t think we are monolithic, but I do know it’s environmental sustainability, it’s equity of opportunity and outcomes, it’s social justice,” Johnson said.

The younger influx comes from both sides of the aisle. Mowery saying 60% of the Republicans on the council are now 30 or under.

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