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INDIANAPOLIS — An IMPD officer is recovering after being shot responding to a domestic disturbance on Indy’s northeast side.

A woman and child were also critically injured in the shooting. It all took place just before 9 o’clock Wednesday night.

Neighbors heard two officers knocking on the door of an apartment in the 7500 block of Bayview Club drive.  When no one answered, the officers began to walk the perimeter of the building.

Police say an emergency call came from someone inside the apartment where five people were being held hostage.

Police claim three children exited the apartment through a window and shots were fired from inside the apartment. Those gunshots hit one officer in the leg.

The officer is said to be a 4-year IMPD veteran.

The injured officer took cover after being hit and another officer applied a tourniquet to control the bleeding.

A short time later, SWAT officers entered the suspect’s apartment and found a 41-year-old woman and an 11-year-old girl had also been wounded.

Investigators insist no IMPD officers fired their weapons before the suspect took his own life by shooting himself in the head.

That suspect is identified as 32-year-old Donald Williams.

“Obviously we were really disappointed to hear of another shooting in the area,” said Kris Parmelee with the North Shadeland Alliance.

Unfortunately, Parmelee knows violence is nothing new to the neighborhood around 75th and Shadeland this year.

The area is normally not known for violence, but in less than three months there have been 4 homicides at businesses and apartment complexes within just a few hundred yards of each other.

The four lives lost include Malik Parks, Tiffany Gough, Rodney Willis and Darnell Bell.

“There’s been a huge surge in 2021. The residents are tired of that,” said Parmelee.

That’s why next week the North Shadeland Alliance is planning to host a Crime Summit featuring two city-county councilmembers, IMPD’s North District commander, the Ten Point Coalition, and more.

“We all know long-term solutions are needed and I think the city is doing a great job, but we really need short-term solutions to turn this around,” said Parmelee.

As for the suspect accused of wounding the IMPD officer before committing suicide, court records show just hours before the shooting a warrant had been issued for his arrest following a reckless driving charge last year.

Police say three other juveniles were able to escape the apartment without injury.

The North Shadeland Crime Summit will be held on August 19, from 6:30-830pm. It’ll be hosted at the Castleton United Methodist Church. 

Anyone interested in asking questions is asked to submit the questions ahead of time via the Alliance’s website.