NEW DETAILS | Protective order paints picture of a turbulent history

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Apr. 18, 2014) — FOX59 has obtained a copy of a protective order that Kimberlee Carmack filed against her ex-husband. It contains some very graphic details, and tells more about a turbulent history. It details several run-ins with ex-husband, Sgt. Ryan Anders that made Carmack fear for her life. She asked for protection for herself, her friend Terri Veatch and two others.

September 15, 2013, more than three months after the couple separated, the protective order states that there was a verbal altercation with Anders.

She said, “Ryan came over against my will. I tried not answering the door and leaving out the back, but he came around to the back of the house.”

The documents say he came around to the back of the house, and when she tried to close the sliding door, her hand got caught, injuring her.

Carmack said she reported this behavior to her commander, even though she was worried about what Anders would do to her.

“He has shown up unexpectedly in several situations. He accuses me of having affairs with other officers. His aggression is escalating and I am extremely afraid for my life,” the documents say.

February 17, 2014, the protective order says Anders followed Carmack to work and was driving close and recklessly to scare her. She pulled in to a parking lot to try to get away from him.

“He forcibly got in to my car and wouldn’t get out for an hour and a half,” the documents say.

Carmack says Anders got verbally abusive, and when she tried to send a message to her supervisor on her phone, Anders would delete what she had typed.

March 24, 2014, Anders pulls up behind Carmack on I-70.

“He was tagging right behind me and pacing my drivers and passengers side trying to make me pull off the road. When he would pull alongside me, he would just stare through my windows in an intimidating manner,” the documents say.

Anders was ordered not to contact Carmack, but didn’t listen. Kimberlee Carmack’s best friend Terri Veatch – who is also listed as needing protection – says the whole ordeal was terrifying.

“Fear for our lives,” said Veatch. “We both were put in a safe house together and we stayed at several places.”

Veatch says the detectives, one in particular, worked 100 hours a week on the case and did everything possible to protect Carmack. It just wasn’t enough.

“She was a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, she had a beautiful granddaughter,” said Veatch. “The best friend that anybody could ever ask for.”

The protective order also says Carmack was a victim of sexual assault as well as stalking and domestic violence. Veatch says IMPD and the prosecutor’s office worked the best they could for protection.

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