New “game changing” emergency technology coming to Greenwood

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GREENWOOD, Ind. (June 5, 2015) — Emergency vehicles in Greenwood will soon be equipped with technology aimed at speeding up response times. The devices will get rescuers to an emergency even faster than they already do.

A GPS device will be installed at the 37 Greenwood intersections. Equipment installed in emergency vehicles will signal the device, and it will keep a traffic light green in the direction of travel so a fire truck won’t get stuck in traffic.

“It’s a game changer for us,” said Greenwood’s Fire Chief James Sipes. “It recognizes that there’s apparatus coming, it can recognize up to a half mile away.”

Fire trucks aren’t the only ones that will be getting the new technology. It will also be installed in every Greenwood police car and ambulance.

“It makes our response safer and our firefighters safer and it makes our community safer,” Sipes said.

It also comes with the likelihood of getting to you quicker.

“We still have to use caution, but as far as being able to change the signal and change the light ahead of time, it absolutely is a game changer,” said Lieutenant Dave Johnson with the Greenwood Fire Department.

A majority of the project will be paid for with grant money, with a small portion coming from the city’s budget without a tax increase. Installation is expected to start next summer.

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