New home sought for abandoned dog that was shot, left for dead

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WESTFIELD – The search is on for the person who shot an American bulldog and left him for dead in Westfield.

When the dog was rescued, he didn’t have any tags or a computer chip so the Humane Society for Hamilton County named him Cupid because he was found close to Valentine’s Day.

Cupid’s ordeal started about a week ago.  It was a cold day and he followed a little boy home from school and collapsed on his porch and wouldn’t move.

That’s when Wes Rood with the City of Westfield Street Team was called in to pick him up.

“He had some sort of injury, it was cold and it was also curled up in a ball,” Rood said.

So he took him to the Humane Society, and Cupid was in bad shape.

“We immediately knew that he was shot,” said Rebecca Stevens, executive director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County.  “We didn’t know exactly how many times but we got him to Parkside Animal Hospital.”

He was shot twice in the stomach with a handgun.  The Humane Society nursed him back to health.  Now, they’re trying to find Cupid a permanent home and the person who did this.

“He’s a very lucky boy,” said Stevens.  “One of the bullets entered through his front leg and exited through his chest and the other one went through his upper abdomen and lodged in his sternum.  It did not hit any vital organs.”

Because the bulldog survived something as horrific as that, they knew he had a strong heart and they named him Cupid.

“And we hope that he’ll be able to fill up somebody’s heart pretty soon,” Stevens said.

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