New Indiana law takes your car insurance mobile

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INDIANAPOLIS — You’re hard pressed these days to find drivers without a phone in their hand and even though distracted driving is a problem, there’s a change to Indiana law that encourages you to grab that phone in your car.

Starting on July 1, it will become legal to provide proof of car insurance electronically. That means you can use a smartphone app provided by insurance companies to show an officer your insurance information.

“This is the way people are moving, to using their technology and this is the insurance industry getting on board with it,” said John Zarich with the Insurance Institute.

The law change is simple. Instead of keeping a paper copy of your insurance in the glove box, you can now replace it with a phone app.

Local State Farm agent Chris Stringer said he has noticed more customers going mobile.

“Our younger clients want to do everything online and do everything with the app,” Stringer said.

Still, if you like things the old-fashioned way with a paper copy of your insurance, that will still be fine.

“We know that the paper form of the insurance card is still going to be out there if people want it,” Zarich said.

Indiana follows more than 20 other states that already have similar electronic provisions written into law.

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