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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Nearly one year has passed since Indianapolis woman Angie Barlow went missing. Now, new evidence is being released in the case.

Angie’s mom, Christina Kramer, said she just learned of some of the new evidence as well and, for the first time, saw surveillance images of Angie’s car leaving an apartment complex, which is the last place anyone saw her daughter alive.

“I still just want to know why? Why?” asked Kramer.

New details showed Angie received a series of text messages for a few months from a mysterious phone number. The messages were from a woman asking Angie to perform a private dance for her and her boyfriend.

The woman never identified herself, but told Angie a time and place to meet.

“I still can’t figure out, why did she go alone?” Angie’s mom asked.

After Angie went missing, her mom contacted the woman who sent the text messages. Angie took pictures of the number and sent it to her friends. Kramer said she asked the woman where her daughter was. The woman responded saying Angie left the apartment around 3 a.m. and she didn’t know where Angie was.

IMPD released surveillance images from the apartment complex. The images show Angie’s car leaving the parking lot on the night she vanished. Right behind Angie’s car is another car, following closely behind.

The lead detective in the case, Joe Torres with IMPD said the car’s license plate showed who the car belongs to. The name came back to the same woman who sent Angie’s the text messages. In the images, it’s too difficult to tell who was driving either vehicle. Kramer has her doubts that Angie was the one driving.

“That was a little eerie watching that,” she said.

Investigators found both the woman and her boyfriend. Both were questioned and released. Detective Torres said he believes Angie would have never gone to the apartment if she knew who sent the texts. Torres said the couple and Angie had a history.

“I believe, yes, she was tricked to come to this location,” Torres told our partners at Crime Watch Daily.

After months of searching for Angie, an anonymous tip led investigators to a northeast side yard, where her body was found buried.

“She was a dancer, so what? That doesn’t mean that she deserved to die. It doesn’t mean that she deserved to be missing for 8 months. It doesn’t mean that she deserved to be thrown away in a shallow grave and be covered up with dirt,” Kramer said.

Angie’s mom also referred to images of Angie’s car found days after her disappearance.

“It looks like it’s been through the wringer,” Kramer said.

The images show a car nearly destroyed. The inside of the car is trashed. Kramer said her daughter kept her car clean.

“When she first went missing, we promised her we’d bring her home and we did. We brought Angie home and then, we promised her that there will be justice for her and there will be,” said Kramer.

While the new details are difficult to take in, Kramer hopes they will encourage someone to come forward.

“I want to know exactly what they did and I want to know exactly why they did it,” she said.

Angie’s mom said a bowling scholarship was made in Angie’s name. There are also memorial events planned for Angie. Angie’s mom said she’s continuing to make sure Angie is not forgotten. Angie’s mom is hoping to start a program that would help lead young women and girls in the right path. The family is hoping to work on legislation that would help give a voice to missing people.

The person who made the tip anonymously didn’t come forward with their identity, meaning the reward money was given to Angie’s family. They used it to help fund her funeral.

If you know anything about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.