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Until now, we fought germs with anti-bacterial soaps, sanitizers and chemicals like alcohol, bleach and ammonia, which are some of the strongest cleaning agents on the market. However, an Indiana-based company is changing the game of killing germs, diseases, and bacteria. The cleaning industry, hospitals, schools, even the EPA is taking notice, and you’ll want to too!

Weight rooms, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, waiting rooms, bathrooms…. germs are everywhere! Touch a door handle after someone who has a cold and chances are you’re going to catch it.

Nate Richardson, president and managing partner of Coeus Technology in Anderson says there is a big problem with the cleaners and disinfectants we use every day.“

The problem is once it’s rinsed or something is touched that protection goes away. It might last one minute, two minutes at the most. That means after you wipe down your computer keyboard or desk and someone else sits here just one min later and sneezes,  it’s contaminated again until you clean again.

Coeus Technology in Anderson is home to the patented Monofoil technology. Monofoil is changing the game when it comes to how we fight germs and how you clean disinfect your home. The secret is in the science.  Monofoil kills germs as soon as it touches the surface just like most cleaners, but it goes one major step further. Monofoil is not chemical- no alcohol, bleach or ammonia, no toxins and no smell.

Monofoil is a molecular breakthrough that when applied,  it bonds to any surface and its germ fighting power blows up any new germ that touches it.  Once it’s applied, the Monofoil technology stays bonded to any surface for weeks, months and even years. That means it keep killing germs long after you apply it.

Brendon Sherman is a fifth-year senior tight on the Marian University football team. He remembers some of his teammates were missing games and hospitalized because of staph infections and the Mersa virus. One hundred and fifty football players and 300 student athletes use the Marian University weight room. Coach Karras knew they needed to do something powerful because if left untreated staph infections can be deadly.

Marian fogged the locker room, weight room, and equipment room. Before Monofoil, Marian had at least 20 cases of Staph infections. Now after Monofoil, two years later, both Coach Kerras and the facilities manager say there is nothing stronger on the market. They’ve have no staph infections or mersa cases since Monofoil was applied.

“The largest players in this market have never been able to figure out what Monofoil has,” said Nate Richardson.

With this kind of germ fighting power and durability hospitals, schools and public buildings are now turning to Monofoil.  Community Hospital in Anderson is leading the way.

“Children bring home colds and flu and when you think about putting on this type of product with the proven results and the added protection you are improving safety,” said Sherry Sidwell, vice president of integrated support services at Community Hospital.

You can get Monofoil in sprays, wipes and even laundry detergent.  The results are so powerful Disney is using it in their theme parks and hotels in Las Vegas are also using Monofoil and many schools including Notre Dame, Ball State, the academies and Georgia Tech are using the cleaning product.   In addition to hospitals and other public buildings, the military is also looking at putting Monofoil on military uniforms to protect our soldiers.  Right now, Coeus is identifying where they are going to build a new plant.  They say they want to produce the world’s strongest germ fighter right here in Central Indiana. For more information on Monofoil and how you can purchase it, go to