Noblesville High School class inspiring programs across the nation

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Noblesville, Ind. (January 26, 2016) - A class at Noblesville High School has inspired 20 other programs across the country and it's only two years old.

The Innovations class gives students the chance to work on what interests them, from technology to remodeling cars.

Senior Hunter Stone gets to work with an app consulting company.

"I've found this to be absolutely invaluable," said Stone. "It’s amazing to think where I was at the beginning of last year when I first started this and where I am now."

Tuesday morning the City of  Noblesville and the school are partnering to host an Innovation Summit to show off the program and brainstorm ways to make it even better.

Don Wettrick teaches Innovations. He is the keynote speaker of the summit and winner of the 2015 Indiana Innovation Award.

"Other than us just presenting what we do, we’re going to be getting a lot of feedback and ask the community and stakeholders to gain insight on how to expand this, how we can accelerate this," said Wettrick. "I think at first a lot of companies see it as an opportunity to feel good about helping out kids, but a lot of times what they find is these kids really understand transparent thinking and they get a lot of benefit out of it."

Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear was excited about the class and helped get it off the ground by calling in business leaders.

Stone said, "It’s really shocking to see all the amazing ideas that all the people in this room have been able to come up with and how they've benefited different companies, even on the product design level."

Mayor Ditslear, Noblesville Schools Superintendent Beth Niedermeyer, Noblesville High School Principal Jeff Bryant, and Noblesville High School students will speak. Approximately 50 community, business and innovation leaders are expected to attend.

Click here to watch a video explaining more about Noblesville High School's Innovations class.

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