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INDIANAPOLIS – A new proposed gym at North Central High School will be named after Paul Loggan, the beloved athletic director who died from the coronavirus in April.

MSD Washington Township Superintendent Dr. Nikki Woodson collaborated with North Central administration, the school board, and the Loggan family to determine the best way to honor Paul’s 31-year history and dedication to the school.

They knew they wanted to name something after Paul, and the family debated on the stadium or the future new west gym addition to North Central before they ultimately decided on the west gym.

The proposed new west gym will support physical education and health classes, JROTC, special needs students, and the dance team during the school day. The new gym will reduce overcrowding and allow for more participation in sports, after school events, and extra/co-curricular activities.

The family’s wish for the gym to bear his name was approved by the Washington Township Board of Education in a unanimous vote. 

The school board said naming a facility for an individual is one of the highest honors the district can bestow, and this recognition is an ongoing affirmation of Paul’s connection and dedication to the district’s educational community.

Below is a statement directly from the Loggan family:

“Paul Loggan lived and breathed North Central High School and Washington Township Schools. He accomplished many things in his life but one of his proudest accomplishments was being a part of the Washington Township family and raising our own family in such an amazing community. From a young age starting out as a teacher and a coach there was nothing more that Paul wanted but for his student athletes to have what other school districts had to offer their student population. Often he would come home and say “if only we could have what they have, we wouldn’t be losing our student athletes to other school districts”. As an assistant athletic director for so long and then as your athletic director, Paul always put his student athletes first. When often asked by others why he would host so many events he would respond “so I can give our athletes the opportunity to be able to play in front of their families and fans and an opportunity to maybe make a little money to put back in our athletic fund for our student athletes.

Every time we would attend an athletic event at another school district Paul would look at their facilities and speak to their athletic directors about what they liked and what they would change. He would ask how it made their school days better for their Physical Education classes and Strength and Conditioning classes. Paul was always thinking of ways to better our school district and to attract more students. He wanted everyone to be able to say they are a NORTH CENTRAL PANTHER and be proud of it!

Naming the west gym after Paul would be an amazing way to honor him. He gave everything he had to Washington Township Schools and I know that if he had an opportunity to do it again, he would not hesitate. He ran into a burning gymnasium to get students out of locker rooms while I was pregnant with our first child. He never once thought about anyone but the students. When the football boosters chartered a bus to go to a game in Jeffersonville and on the way home the bus crashed and all of the parents were rushed to area hospitals, Paul stayed with the players until they were all placed with a loved one before he found me in a hospital because he knew I understood his place was with his players. I am sorry if I am rambling but you MUST understand, he is North Central.

Putting his name on a building is not going to bring him back, but to every student athlete whose life he touched or to the many in our community who was blessed to know him it would be an honor that he so deserves.

The Loggan Family