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INDIANAPOLIS – A new method to have eyebrows that don’t need filling in during your makeup routine is catching on in Indianapolis.

“She will look completely normal tomorrow except she’s just going to have some rock star brows,” said Kate Shaughnessy.

It’s called  microblading. It goes on like a tattoo using small needles to apply color to your brows in a shape that fits your face. Leaving the brows even and filled in.

“So it lasts about a year. They’re saying one to three years but I tell people it’s going to vary on everybody. If you’re using lightening products it’s going to come off faster. If you’re in the sun a lot.”

Kate Shaughnessy is the owner of Lash and Brow Design Co. in Carmel. She’s been a brow specialist for ten years and decided to learn a new method when she heard about microblading.

“Is using this pen that’s got anywhere from 17 to 18 little needles and I ‘m just kind of scraping it across her skin,” said Shaughnessy.

The product goes three layers deep compared to seven layers like an actual tattoo, creating more natural hair like strokes. And as far as the level of pain you can expect one client says it’s not so bad.

“So it actually as far as the pain or discomfort level it’s not any more uncomfortable than getting your brows tweezed,” said Natalie Dawn.

Customers are catching on to the new method and say they love the ability to get up and go and still feel flawless.

” I have very thin brows and I ‘m a makeup artist and I have to fill them in every single day so I think that this will kind of just shorten that routine for me,” said Dawn.

This routine also benefits patients before chemo who may lose their brows or people with alopecia.

“If I get to help just one woman feel really beautiful like dude my job is the best job ever and I love it. I love getting to do this for women,” Shaughnessy said

Microblading costs about $650 dollars and lasts for a year or more. To learn more about the process click here.