BROWNSBURG — The Brownsburg Fire Department is introducing a new drone to their department, but, it does way more than you think.

Steve Jones, Fire Marshal with Brownsburg Fire Territory proposed the idea of purchasing a large drone for the betterment of the community. “We bought the drone because we wanted to give the absolute best technology to our firefighters and community that we can do the best job with,” said Jones. The department decided to purchase a drone in which they knew would be able to further protect their community while providing an aircraft in the public safety realm.

All of the aspects of the technology come together to support the department’s Community Risk Reduction. “The drone program will help facilitate and expedite recovery of lost people, identify a location we might start to attack a fire, and identify the precise location of that fire,” said Brownsburg Fire Department’s Public Information Officer Danny Brock. “The purpose of Community Risk Reduction is to be able to get ahead of the emergency situation, however, if the department cannot get ahead, the drone is there to be a tool to facilitate and expedite the resolution of the situation.”

With the drone’s technology, Brownsburg FD Fire Marshals are able to utilize thermal imaging to determine heat levels of a fire scene, track possible lost individuals, follow police chases, provide latitude and longitude locations, includes a spotlight that is 10,000 lumens, carry life preserves and other equipment, and provide battalion chiefs instant live footage of what the drone is viewing in real-time through, just to name a few.

“For example, if we had a tornado come through Brownsburg, we could send this drone out and quickly assess how many buildings are damaged or how many people may be affected and the battalion chief, in his own vehicle, can control the camera and see what he needs to see.”

The first week that the department implemented the drone into their everyday duties quickly. There was a fire that occurred at a construction site in which Jones was able to utilize the drone to give the battalion chief thermal imaging of the extent of the fire and just how useful the hose lines were at the time. “With the thermal imaging he could see further into the building and could see that we needed to get additional hose lines and so we were able to call up those resources,” said Jones.

Brownsburg Fire Department is very thankful to be able to bring this technology to its community for its continued protection.