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INDIANAPOLIS — A new program this summer offers single mothers help when it comes to teaching their sons important lessons. 

The Boys to Men Learning Workshop Series is hosted by Single Parent Connection Inc. in partnership with the Blended Church’s Men’s Ministry. 

They will teach real life skills typically taught by a father figure. That means things like fishing, car maintenance, mowing the lawn, and shaving. 

Tiffany Linza says this is just what she was looking for, for her 11-year-old son. 

“As soon as I saw it, it was only like 5 minutes and I’m like ‘I’m enrolling my son,’” said Linza. 

Linza is a single mother of 4. She has three girls and then her youngest, son Braylen. 

“He’s a wonderful child, you know, he’s well-mannered… does well in school, but I still worry because those that don’t know him will stigmatize him,” Linza said. 

She says last year’s social justice movement and the death of Dreasjon Reed hit her hard. 

“I broke down because I considered, as always, my Black son… my Black son and not just my Black son, the many Black sons in our community and all over the world,” said Linza.

While she’s always looking for opportunities for her children, she says this one was the perfect fit she was looking for. 

“I could do certain things but it’s different when you have other Black males or other males that care about you come alongside you.” 

Founder of Single Parent Connection Inc, Dionne Brown, is a single mother to son Jonathan. 

“Single parents can provide some resources and some life skills training for our young men, but there are certain things that they can only learn from a male,” said Brown. 

“I experienced some struggles as I raised him as a young Black man and so I just want to kind of be that person and that organization to kind of ‘come along’ to single parent families and help them through.” 

The event is open to parents throughout the Indianapolis area. According to the latest Census data, about 11% of families in Marion County are single parent households. 

“As a woman and as a mother, we can’t teach our sons certain things, you know. We try and they can be decent men, absolutely, but there are just some things that as a Black mother we cannot give them, unfortunately,” Linza said. 

This program is a 4-week series starting on June 5 and going until June 26. 

The registration deadline is Saturday, May 29. You can register and find more information here.