Newborn puppies doing well after being rescued from trash bag by officer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A litter of newborn puppies rescued from a dumpster Saturday night by a police officer are doing well.

The puppies became instant stars, after IMPD Officer Scott Charleswood responded to a call on the northeast side, in the freezing cold and sleet.

“I heard a little puppy cry and then it stopped, so I start searching through bags of trash,” Charleswood said.

In one of those bags, crammed with trash and left inside the dumpster, Charleswood found seven puppies.

“I took them one at a time back to the car and wrapped them in (my) jacket and cranked the heat up in my car,” Charleswood said.

He found them, but he doesn’t want any of the credit. Instead, he’s pointing to Every Dog Counts Rescue and Tara Harris, who quickly jumped into action to take the puppies in.

“I think they were probably just born that day,” Harris said.

FOX59 saw the puppies Tuesday night, as they arrived for their first vet appointment at VCA Animal Hospital on 86th Street. They were bottle feeding and doing well, according to Harris.

“I think it’s inspiring to see that will to live. … They’re fighting to survive,” Harris said.

She’s not sure what breed they are yet, but thinks they could be pit mixes or aussie mixes. Harris stayed up all night Saturday feeding them, and she and fellow volunteers have spent countless hours since nursing them back to health.

“Right when you start to get tired, you just look at them, and they’re so cute, and they’re so helpless, they’re completely dependent on us,” Harris said.

As for Charleswood, he’s glad to see they’re doing alright. With two rescue dogs of his own at home, including one he found at a homicide scene, he’s at least considering adoption of this litter for his own.

“It’s possible. I’m going to leave it at a possibility right now,” Charleswood said. “You’ve seen these puppies in their worst time and you would like to see them get to the point where they’re raised up, nice, healthy, happy dogs.”

Harris thinks the puppies will be available for adoption in February, as they’ll need about 10 weeks to adjust and they’re still not out of the danger zone quite yet.

You can donate to Every Dog Counts Rescue, and note the money should go towards these puppies’ care, at the link here.

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