Newborn surrendered at Indiana Baby Box that’s been open less than a month

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HAMMOND, Ind. – A baby was legally surrendered at a Safe Haven Baby Box in northern Indiana on Friday, less than 30 days after it was opened.

The founder of the organization, Monica Kelsey, announced on Friday that newborn was surrendered at Franciscan Health of Hammond, where one of three boxes was set up last month.

Kelsey said this is the 59th baby to come through the Baby Box program.

“This is the third baby we’ve had in less than three years in our boxes just in one state,” said Kelsey. “Just imagine what we can do when we’re in all 50 states.”

Kelsey said the mom in this case didn’t contact the organization’s hotline, but she has been in contact with organizers and she’s actually from Illinois.

“This was important to us when we decided to launch close to the Indiana line, because Illinois does not have a Safe Haven Baby Box Law,” said Kelsey. “They have a Safe Haven Law, where you have to walk in and physically hand the child to a person; they’re going to ask you some questions. But they don’t have the Baby Box Law, which offers 100% anonymity.”

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