Former apartment complex employee speaks about “large number” of health violations

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2014)– A former employee of Carmel Creek Apartments speaks out after a FOX59 report revealed health officials are investigating reports of sewage leaking into an apartment.

The former employee says the apartment complex is a “Public health issue, and no one cares.”

“I believe it is a slumlord situation.  We were literally told that we don`t have the money to fix it. It doesn`t matter,” said the former employee.

The former employee worked at Carmel Creek Apartments for two years. He chose to talk to FOX59 about his concerns as long as we hid his identity. He says he’s still getting calls from tenants asking for help at the complex to fix their sanitation issues.

“The big complaints are roaches, mold. We had sewage leaks constantly. There was one instance where we had to shut down a whole building because of sewage leaks in the building. Had to move people out of the building,” said the former employee.

The Marion County Health Department has issued 250 housing orders to Carmel Creek Apartments so far this year. Housing orders are violations of the housing code.

“There is a lot of people living in unsafe conditions.  Unfortunately people don`t say anything, because they`ve been bullied about past due rent where they are afraid to say anything,” said the former employee.

Marion County Health Department spokesperson Curt Brantingham tells FOX59 the department estimates nearly 25 percent of the units at Carmel Creek Apartments have received housing orders this year, which is considered “a large number in one complex.”

“Those claims could have some truth, but I would also say that there are plenty being handled in a timely fashion,” answered Tom Spencer with Meridian Management Corporation.

LVXXIV, LLC from Chicago owns the complex. Meridian Management Corporation in Indianapolis is part of the team overseeing the apartments. Tom Spencer says the staff is trying to keep up with the property.

“No one should have a leak in their apartment from above, whether it is rain or a pipe or whatever. We are trying to improve the quality of work orders and frequency and speed at which work orders are attended to”, said Spencer.

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