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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Sexually transmitted disease cases are on the rise, and doctors say it’s the people who refuse to get treatment that continue to spread the diseases. The main reason? They’re embarrassed. An Indiana doctor has come up with an app to get treated without ever going to a professional.

For the first time in 10 years, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis cases have reached record rates with no sign of slowing down. So Dr. Olusegon Ishmael came up with an app to help those who refuse to get treated.

“What happens in Vegas sometimes doesn’t stay in Vegas so we need to create something to help people,” Dr. Ishmael said.

Dr. Ishmael got the idea after attending a conference in Vegas and witnessing the wild, carefree party lifestyle. Then he thought about the amount of patients with STD’s he sees in the emergency room. That’s when he and a business partner came up with besafemeds. The site will soon be in the app store and allows you to talk to a doctor or nurse practitioner. You begin with listing your symptoms all online.

“If you have a certain color discharge, it’s greenish, it burns–you’re like, ‘okay is it chlamydia, gonorrhea,'” Dr. Ishmael said.

Dr. Ishmael says those common STDs are easier to diagnose and treat right away without a doctors visit, urine sample or swab.

“It’s not the ideal scenario but for those people who just absolutely refuse or come to the emergency room and runaway without treatment this is really the avenue for them,” Dr. Ishmael said.

The service costs $20  and after you get your diagnosis just head to the nearest pharmacy to pick up your prescription.

Dr. Ishmael says he hopes those who fear judgment will utilize this tool to take care of themselves and their partners.

“There’s no judgment in place well this is my family doctor who knows me and may know your significant other if it wasn’t your significant other or may know you for a long time,” Dr. Ishmael said.

Besafemeds will be available in Indiana in January. Dr. Ishamael says sex education will be a huge part of the service and they hope to partner with contraception companies in the future. If the symptoms appear more severe or they can’t make a diagnosis a provider will recommend a patient go in to see a doctor in person.